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Lost Arts In Friendly Plastic 1987

I always love to experiment with different type of clay, between 1986 and 1987, I started to play with a new material 
call Friendly Plastic, I began to create new art form and toys, mainly to try understand, also study the material. 
I also started to retail them in Singapore but, It was unsuccessful as there were very little interest in the local community
 for creating craft or art works. The problems also having to melt the plastic in hot water that the parent would not allow their 
children to touch the clay. I was impressed by the plastic and started to make all kind of things for my own children, 
and also to amuse myself with my creations. 
As my passion for the plastic increase I started to make more and more creations, capturing some of my works with my 
After two years, the quality of the material deteriorated and left me with many broken pieces which was not possible 
to repair them. It was a total disappointment as the manufacturer claimed that it was twice the toughness of 
Bellow are some of my plastic creations in 1987, you can also refer to Mask and Mask 2.

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Mask 2

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