CREATIVITY IS FUN WITH POLYMER CLAY Adam: I'm going to join the F1 Racing! Adam: All ready to Go.........I'm looking for sponsorship.......on second thought..........I will ask my Mum to be my sponsor. Teaching Adam technique of creating polymer clay cane on recycle bottle Adam and Kyes polymer clay cane on recycle bottles Teaching Kyes technique of creating polymer clay cane on recycle bottle Teaching Kyes to recycle bottle, globes, wires, toothpicks, cds, bottle caps, polymer clay and pipe cleaners to create Alien and Astronaut. Alien and Astronaut in their recycle spaceships Astronaut : Great Spaceship I hate to take a shower in that compartment! Teaching Alexi to create any present or gift for any occassion "Happy Anniversary Daddy And Mummy" Love Alexi Yo! Welcome to Moossa Farm Oh my Moossa have a! A, a pig...pig...there, oh my Moossa have a! Annya: Hey, Don't come any closer or you'll get the frog on your face! Closer view of the frog on the lotus leaf, test tube flower vase on cds. Annya: Do you think my strawbarries are sweet ? Yes, the sweetness came from the maker! Bradley creating Pokemon Diorama, polymer clay, learning to create water with foils and plywood base Adding more plants.....mmm, maybe I should create a Gyarados Bryan: Would you like to dive in my submarine? First we must catch an ants! Put the ants in the compartment and go diving in the aquarium, maximum diving time about an 1.5 hrs. For longer diving time add oxygen tablet in a small tube filled with water. More Detail about the submarine. Bryan's Venusaur Bryan's Venusaur with overgrown ability CREATIVITY IS FUN WITH POLYMER CLAY PAGE 2 Home | Email © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Garie Sim All rights reserved.