SINGAPORE YOUNG POLYMER CLAY ARTIST "Yijun's work was already featured in Garie's wonderful website when he suggested setting up a separate site for her. Both Garie and Teresa felt that it was good for Yijun's growth as a budding young artist to have an independent site linked to his. I was delighted that Garie considered Yijun's work to be of sufficient quality to warrant a site of her own, and wanted to give her as much support as I can. I had been keeping Yijun's sketches, poems, letters and other works since she was in kindergarten and it had always been my intention to present them to her (together with her growing-up photo album) when she reaches twenty one years of age. Garie is a talented webmaster and I couldn't have found a better person or better way to showcase my daughter's. Thank you Garie. May my daughter's website grow with her!" Cheng Kah Kee 4thAug 2002 Home | Email

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