The exciting classical story of the Journey To The West was created by a famous sixteen-century novelist Wu Cheng-En in the Ming Dynasty era. Eversince the creation of the novels, it remain a very popular literature treasured by all the chinese population of the world. Its main character Wu Kong (monkey) with its seventy two magical power, fearless and loyal has become one of the most loved and famous character in the Chinese Literatures. He is also the star of many international, sucessful television series, animations, and movies.
The story began when San Zhang ( Master Monk ) sets out for the Western Heaven in search of the ancient Buddist Scriptures. On the way, he was destined to meet the others of his three disciples, Wu Kong (monkey), Pa Jie ( Piggy) and Sha Zheng ( Sandy ). With their help the Master Monk( San Zhang ) set out for his journey to the west, in search of the Scriptures. The purity of the Monk was also the target of many Demons and Monsters, trying to get a taste of him so that they will not age forever. On the way, they encountered many adventures, good verse evil with its many magical powers. There are about fourty episode of the novels. I now present my own creations of the four legends, called Journey To The West Rotors, turning , generating the power and good luck to everyone.

Journey To The West Rotors

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