"Click Individual Image To Create Scary Sound Effect"


"Click Individual Image To Create Scary Sound Effect"

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THE HAUNTED HOUSE The House was constructed using a 1/12 scale back opening dollhouse, basic color is painted with dark grey emulsion paint, you can mixed sands into the paint for effect on the floor or walls. You do not need a good skill to fix the doll house, you need to weather the house, dust it with a light grey spray can or air brush for the effect. Add sands to the floor, use broken miniature furnitures for decorating the interior, create cob webs with glue gun, don't forget to dust the furniture with air brush. For detailing to window or door, glass panels use thin acrylic sheet and cut it to look like broken glasses, placed the tiny acrylic pieces on the floor. Create all the ghostly figures with Glow in the Dark polymer clay.



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