Wei Ying and Yijun

Both students are showing good creative talent as they are begining
to develop their own ideas and designs.

Christmas, her own Santa

Marble Dragon

Accessories and personal creations



Wei Ying is developing her own comic book,
created her own story line, all the characters 
are base on her school  friends



Although most of her illustrations are in black
and white, with my help in clay creations, she 
is currently, creating her own comic characters
 in 3D with the colorful polymer clay.


Beside creating many of the comic characters, 
she had to date created more than two hundred 
of her own Pokemon characters


Love Unicorn created by yijun
 for her Mum


Probably the world's smallest Unicorn 
created with fine detail and rainbow mane


Her Unicorn looks almost ready 
to fly

Love birds for valentine 6 mm. ht. on tiny twig


Habitat created to house her tiny pets and three miniature horses
inside the recycled toy globe.


World's smallest dinosaur created without toolsjust Wei Ying's fingers 
and nail, size: 2.5ht. mm.

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