Pikaglobe diorama gift created by Su Xiang, her creative skills, is getting the attention from her school friends, always asking her to made thing for them.

Yijun had created a series of horses, and unicorns the current design come with mountable riding crop, snaffle and saddle. The rainbow unicorn is ready to ride into fantasy.

Hello! sister, hello kitty! kitty! exploring and enhancing kid's interest, creating movable, playable, recycling magnets and ping pong series by Xie Qi and Su Yin

Doggy day polymer clay and acrylic sheet created by Melissa Koh

Yijun horse always get the apple, creative usage of magnets, enable kids to play with the creations.

Kingfisher catch the fish, magnetic force attracted the fish, as the bird rotate around suspended by the string, it create a wriggling action on the fish. (Yijun)

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