Creating A Hundred Furry Miniatures As Gifts, For All My Young Students

Bend, Play and Pose

Giving all my students the furry miniature is to encourage, motivates them to be creative in the use of any materials. Be it foils, wires, paper, mud, sand, etc. you can create anything, just by thinking creatively.




Creating Miniature Furries By Combining Polymer Clay With Pipe Cleaner How To Create A Cute Furry Bear Using Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner Half Size Miniature Furries..... The World's Smallest Delphi Forum: Half Size Miniature Furries... The World's Smallest CITY-O-Clay Forum: Miniature Furries How To Create A Prehistoric Furry Mammoth Using Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner Decorative Furry Ball Combined With Polymer Clay And Pipe Cleaner To Create, Learn, Play and Gift Encouraging Young Students In Play Clay Enrichment Class Rewarding Them With Handmade Gifts MINI AD-VENTURE Making miniatures combining polymer clay with color balls, poms poms to pipe cleaners





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