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This page was created for those who need to know more information about Friendly Plastic. "In 1984 Friendly Plastic modeling material was introduced to the amazement of the plastic world. It was a breakthrough that had eluded the industry for over hundred years. Until the development of Friendly Plastic modeling material, all plastics had to be molded in heavy machines costing tens of thousands or even millions of dollars. Only big factories could afford these machines. Now for the first time there is a material that people can use to make almost anything with needing expensive equipment. Now for the first time, a third grader can make simple projects out of plastic and advanced projects at work when she is grown up. But this wasn't all that surprised the plastics industry. Friendly Plastic modelling is actually tougher than well over 95% of plastic used by industry today. Surprisingly, Friendly Plastic modeling material has twice the toughness of polycarbonate, which is considered to be one of the finest and toughest of today's industrial plastics. Also, Friendly Plastic modeling material in one of the rare plastics that can be dyed and painted." Information was extracted from Friendly Plastic Project Book 1986. I was using Friendly Plastic somewhere in 1986 distributing their products in Singapore.The Friendly Plastic Company Ltd. went bust in 1989. I was also offer an option to buy some of their company's shares before the bust, it was fortunate, that I did not buy their Shares. Beside using polymer clay, I had also been using the Friendly Plastic for years. After couple of years, there were some kind of chemical changes to the Friendly Plastic materials. As a result, I lost all my money on the Friendly Plastic Products, as the stocks deteriorated. Few hundreds of my art works were damaged beyond repair I was very disappointed with the products. Since the launching of my website in 1998, I had received many queries on the Friendly Plastic product. To understand the situation, you can always check up the existence of the company. The following were their previous company's contact and information, The Friendly Plastic Company Ltd. 6565 Gunpark Drive Suite 150, Boulder, CO 80301 Phone (303) 530-5115. It was the material that deteriorated, I doubt there are any manufacturer producing it. Those that you have found in the retail market, probably are old stocks. In my opinion, it was a good product so long as the material quality stays consistently the same. 2002


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