"Art is skill, that is the first meaning of the word.
- Eric Gill "

Developing Kid's Drawing Skills


Children are natural artist. Their expression in the Arts are usually uninhibited and free, without  any conceptual understanding of design, proportion and composition. Their works are often based simply on their basic perception and ever-active imagination.
Training children to develop drawing skills is important. Without proper training and direction, children tend to gradually lose the natural ability and confidence in the Arts as they reach adulthood. As we grow, our perception of objects and our environment are ' colored ' by our own unique experiences in life. We became more aware of the differences in basic and complexities of concept. Expectation between perfection and realism also tend to heighten. However, in Art, to express our visual perception on paper or canvas require the skill, which are acquired through proper training, not just by practice alone.

Training children in drawing skills includes teaching them the ability to classify objects visually into basic shapes, most of all there's element of fun in learning. Composing basic shapes into a picture will help them create two-dimensional drawing, to further their artistic endeavors, learning play clay will help to convert the drawing into three-dimensional objects with polymer clay. By feeling and shaping the clay, it will enhance their imagination, improves their motor skill, hand and eye coordination.

From my experience in teaching hundreds of children, we only use the basic medium that are, pencil, pen, colored pencil, recycling of paper and acrylic paint. Children learning the basic drawing skill, should not be exposed or introduced to, too many art mediums at such a tender age. They must stay focus in learning the basic drawing skill and able to draw on their own by using the basic medium. Children that learn and understand the concept of drawing skill, will eventually be able to use the other mediums naturally, through experiencing and experimenting with them.

Expressing arts on paper or canvas requires creative imagination, confident, experience in drawing skill.


Following are some examples of drawings with color pencil:






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