Hey! there's a diver in my pickle bottle.

You can use any glass bottle, transparent plastic and pvc containers to create snow globe. Hugo likes to create interesting idea with polymer clay it is a challenge to him creating the unusual. Therefore he is my model student for this page, he is showing you, how to recycle a pickle bottle into snow globe design.

To create a Bottle Snow Globe, model a base with polymer clay, provide a hole on the base so that you can fill it with the water, when it is sealed, the above is call 'Diver In My Pickle Bottle'. Create any figure or design, if it is a diver suspend it with thick translucent nylon string after you have create the treasure chest and seaweeds

After baking the full creation in the convection oven, seal the polymer clay base and bottle with A and B epoxy glue. Let it set for at least one hour. Add glitters through the tiny hole on the base, add two to three drops of Preservative (To keep the water clear in the globe) and finally filled the bottle with tap water. Wipe the bottom of the base dry when it is full, cut a tiny square piece of transparent polyester, apply super glue around the hole and cover the hole with the piece of transparent polyester. MORE BOTTLE RECYCLING IDEAS CREATING GLOBE DESIGN

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