There are more student intake on this December holiday classes, we had just move into a new premises. This have been in our planning as we are looking forward for a showroom to market the various type of clays, accessories and also conducting more polymer clay classes at the back of the shop. I will like to expand our local community on clay creation, encourage creativity and grooming more young kids into the arts. The class room is now double the size compare to the previous, the floor are installed with non-slip ceramic tiles, will be safer, easier to maintain and healthier for the children, instead of the carpeted flooring. Maximum intake is fourteen students per classroom. The overall spacious classroom is a much more friendlier environment. Parents can view into the classroom through the big glass window panel to observe their child's progress, at the creative play clay class. They can also wait at the general area for their kids, or to purchase some polymer clays, create something while waiting, expert will be around to guide them, or if they prefer they can have a cup of coffee or tea while waiting.










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