Garie's Custom Made Polymer Clay Items


Some examples of Handmade Items
By Garie Sim

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Mermaid Ang Ku Kueh Fruits of love Christmas Gift

Coelacanth Aqua Scuba Diver Wawa Doll Smiling Elephant

Magic Glasses 1A Curry Puffs, TV Commercial Miniatures For Sale Custom Couple

OSim Ron Sim Customized Bear Keyrings Customized Art Masks Made To Order

Customized Globe Design Scuba Diver Clay Topper Musical Ladybug Miniature Scuba Divers

Chickavodka Catavodka Happy Birthday Happy Birthday 2

Invention: School Bag Fat Man Atomic Bomb Launch Mechanism SingHealth Mascot Bigpapa

Snow Globe For 
Sentosa Cove Property
SMRT Opening Circle Line At Kallang
Custom Made 1:12 And 1:24 Scale 
Scuba Diver
Smallest Polymer Clay
Maneki Neko

Custom Made Miniature Prop
For Handphone Commercial
Hand Print For Sunflower Preschool


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