Hand Made Polymer Clay Toy


For years, I have been creating new ideas and toys to amuse my students, letting them play with my creation
will encourage them to create their own ideas. Creating mobility in polymer clay are fun and exciting. The above 
toy fighters are created with polymer clay, it is a pencil holder and also a toy to play with their friends. Rotating 
the pencil will swing their arms, put both fighter together they will create sword fighting action.


Using a wire bend it into "L " shape on the left and right hand as above, create the figure with polymer clay. You can also create different costume for each fighter. Create sword with thin aluminum sheet. Propped it with a pencil or bamboo skewer stick and bake it in the oven. Rotating it will create the action and you can fight with different figures with other weapons.


Note: To determine the winner in the sword fighting competition, the fighter must disarm the sword from each other hand. To do that you must embedded tiny magnets on the sword handle and the hand of the figures. This will position the sword onto the fighter's hand by the tiny magnets





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