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Children learning a Life Skill through playing clay, will help them to mould and shape their creative future.

The versatility of the polymer clay allows children to create their own item or toy with their imagination, by the process of playing, it will instill creative thinking, idea and planning, when learning the clay program.

Progressive Learning in clay will gives the child, the space to relax their mind, give them the happiness, fun in play, no stress and no test, it will always brings out the child's best.

Most of the Art School and Art Institution in the world, also the Animation Industry, now recognized Polymer Clay as an important Contemporary Clay Art Medium for the enhancement of Creativity in all directions.

Here are some of our children's Clay Story, projects that are created from June, July, August and September of 2010. Consists of 21 categories of over 250 images of children playing and creating fun things from polymer clay at the Play Clay Workshop.

The images and their clay creations will be the memoirs of their artistic endeavours for many years to come.



 Boy's Airplane

 Cane And Jewellery

 Recycling CD And Cover

 Clay Figurine

 Clay Interior Design

 Clay And Others

 Clay Picture

 Clay Critter

 Clay Diorama

 Clay Flower & Fruit

 Globe And Tube

 Clay Journal

 Clay Marine Creature

 Miniature Clay Food

 Clay Mum! Oops! Mum's Birthday!

 Clay National Day

 Aiyoh! Clay Pirate!

 Clay Tools For Play

 Clay Posable

 Play Clay Soccer!

 Funny Clay Teacher!


Samantha Phua The Grown Up Kid, Eight Years Of Playing With Clay

clay-polymer Forum

Re: The Clay Story

Date: 23 Sep 2010 11:59 pm

Garie the talent of your students never seem to amaze and delight me. I know
you are proud of every one of them and right you should be. Thanks so much for
showing all of us what they have been doing this summer.

Re: The Clay Story Comment by Penni Jo

Date: 24 Sep 2010 AM 11:41:23

Garie, your work with children is wonderful and a blessing to them all. I love the water globes! how very, very creative.

Penni Jo AKA Claylady43 - The site for great flexible molds! - Flickr Pics Penni Jo's Blog


Re: The Clay Story

Date: 24 Sep 2010 PM 10:00:42

Garie - what great students you have! Think my favorites were the scuba diver and pink dolphin. They're doing a great job and I'm sure it's totally thru your guidance, from the letter I saw obviously they adore you! That was an enjoyable way to start the day! Grace City-O-Clay Forum

Garie ... re: The Clay Story

Date: 27 Sep 2010 AM 11:01:11

I sure wish I was a kid again and you were my teacher!! Your kids are so very
lucky to have you, Garie. They have so much imagination and talent.

I don't like to pick favorites but I do have to comment on the pirate ship ...
so much detail and thought went into it. The little figure walking the plank
even has tears on their cheeks ... the treasure chest, the skull and crossbones
on the flag. Really, really awesome work.

Each and every creation is so different and the kids always surprise me with the
things they do. They are ALL just wonderful!

Thank you so much for keeping us updated and sharing your kids with us.
hugs, luny


Re: [CITY-o-Clay] The Clay Story

Date: 28 Sep 2010 AM 06:42:53

On 09/23/2010 08:04 AM, garie wrote:


As always, I am truly impressed by the talent of the kids you teach.
Looking at the individual clay stories that show the kids creating the
work, you can tell each one is really enjoying the entire creative process.

This will go a long way for them, and they will grow up to be wonderful
adults because someone took the time to teach, and share the love of
making art with them.

Debbie Gill (Now Here!)
"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." Robert A. Heinlein
Co-Owner for AC, CA, CCBA, FAC, PARA-CITY; Mod for COC, SC

Re: [CITY-o-Clay] Garie.. The Clay Story Date: 28 Sep 2010 AM 07:32:06

Dear Uncle Garie,

I've spent a long time in your clay story. You must feel quite rewarded when you
see all the wonderful creations that you have taught the children to do.  My
favorite was....  well..... er... um...  each and every one of them,  from the
"Boy's airplain through the "funny clay teacher,  and finally Samantha's doll

  I was quite touched with the uncle Garie letter. Reading this must have made
you feel very proud!

Thank you for sharing.

xoxo Mozelle

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