Asian Women's Welfare Association 
Special School

Term One : From 30th June 2004 to 1st September 2004


Play Clay main objective is to develop and cultivate in the child's mind a good sense of composition, better visualization of color, a firm basic sense of proportion and be more focus in what she or he is doing. Clay modeling is an excellent way to develop small motor skills in children and the stimulated creative thought process will improves a child's skill of visual observation. The Play Clay class is now extended to kid with disability problem in AWWA Special School. With Play Clay Programme we hope to create more happy and confident kids, despite their physical and mental problems. Through Clay Art, there is a hope of healing and can help reinforce one's sense of identity, self esteem as well as being a powerful vehicle for expressing one's inner life and bringing out unconscious material. The manipulation of the materials themselves effect physical well-being, helps promote a sense of individuality and personal worth. Play Clay can be a useful and playful way to develop social skills, through its inherent co-operative interaction. Clay modeling, can manifest aspects of emotional life which may have been "split off" or repressed.
With the new beginning, we hope we will be able to highlight the talent within the disability community.











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