Magnetic Swimming Shark And Dolphin

Using polyfoam balls there are no limit to what you can create with the combination of the magnets, examples, Submarine, Swimmer, Mermaid, Turtle, Astronaut, Airplane, Zeppelin, Boat, Dinosaur, Duck etc.

As illustrated above, position the tiny magnet must be on the central position. You can fixed the magnet with a little epoxy glue, if they are too loose.

Follow my illustrated instruction make sure that the outer polymer clay layer must be thin to avoid adding too much weight and it will not float.

Use only quality polymer clay to avoid disappointment as the figures are small, poor quality clay will break easily, bake the Dolphin in the oven, refer to my page on clay tests and clay adhensions. Test the polyfloats in a small fish tank, a bottle or any transparent plastic containers, powerful magnet is very good for control of the objects or figures in the water, buoyancy can be achieve also by adding salt in the water if the diver is a little heavy. Sharks Hammer Head Shark and Dolphins Magnet Diving Submarine


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