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The key to create more unusual and interesting polymer clay creations is to play and experiment with them all the time, you must be prepared to accept failure and be prepared to repeat the creative process many, many times, until you get it right. The polymer clay allows you to create toys to amuse yourself. One of my fascination is skin diver, take me back 40 over years, when I was a kid watching the TV show, "SEA HUNT" starring the late Lloyd Bridges as Mike Nelson. Since then, I had tried by using plastecine, modified my tiny toy figures into diver, with moving arms and legs. Unfortunately, I had no experience in scuba diving, but I just love scuba diver . My other fascination with the sea are submarines, fictional and non fictional, such as the Seaview, Kursk, etc. Underwater habitat and architecture in the sea, also interest me. It will be a necessity in the future, that we will be living under the sea or ocean surviving on many of its resources. Due to global warming we might be force to live under water.

As illustrated above, position the tiny magnet must be on the central position. You can fixed the magnet with a little epoxy glue, if they are too loose.

Follow my illustrated instruction make sure that the outer polymer clay layer must be thin to avoid adding too much weight and it will not float.

Use only quality polymer clay to avoid disappointment as the figures are small, poor quality clay will break easily, bake your figure in the oven, refer to my page on clay tests and clay adhensions. Test the divers in a small fish tank, a bottle or any transparent plastic containers, powerful magnet is very good for control of the objects or figures in the water, buoyancy can be achieve also by adding salt in the water if the diver is a little heavy. Divers on my palm and diver in the bottle, to look at individual diver, click on my palm You can create polydivers, polysharks, polydolphins, polyturtle, magnetized them in the floats, test it out in the fish tank or bottle, controll their movement up, down and side way with a powerful magnet .

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