Polymer clay is the best creative medium for teaching kid and I never gets tired of using it. There are endless possiblity of creating projects for schools, for fun or for the art, the only limitation to creativity is your mind. As mentor you must, or ocassionally inspire your students with new ideas. You will be able to help and motivate them in creating their own idea and design.


Student's polymer clay projects waiting for final assembly into the picture box aquarium.


2D and 3D Fishes secured with nylon fishing strings, picture shows back of the aquarium box.


Brother's team project, Jun Hao and Jun Sheng


Nemo and Dory by Brother's Team Project


Julia's And Nikki's projects


Vaishnervi's and Yue Wey's projects


Project Demostration by Yue Wey


Delphi Forum On Interactive Magnetic Picture Box Aquarium


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