RECYCLONVIRONMENT Another Living Habitat For Ants Ant Habitat recycled from plastic cake box, instant camera lens housing, plastic rewind gear, toy globe container, plastic tube, sands, pebbles, glitters and polymer clay. To make the habitat even more interesting, I have design and created it with multi layer caverns including dry galleries, complete with columns, stalagmite and stalactites. The globe becomes a dome structure, the camera lens housing, plastic gear serves as a food resource container for the ants. As the ants enters the yellow pvc globe, a connection was created using a transparent plastic tube insert in with fine aluminum wire mesh to facilitate the ants from climbing up and down. Adding the glitters into the cavern creates rich mineral deposit like effects, together with the sands and pebbles makes it a more natural environment. When you introduced the occupants into the habitat, you will notice that they were quick to use the facilities and explore the whole habitat. Feeding the ants with proper food is important, foods such as, celery, apple, lettuce, nuts, honey, multi vitamines, etc. DO NOT OVER FEED THEM. Water is very important for the ants. They can go a long time without food, but lack of water can kill them over night.
PolymerCafe latest project, Antvironment by Garie Sim

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