CLAY ANIMATION FOR TELEVISION COMMERCIAL 1A CURRY PUFF PROJECT DEVELOPING THE VARIOUS CHARACTERS OF THE CURRY PUFF FLAVORS About Curry Puffs Curry Puffs are pastry pouches filled with curried potatoes, deep fry them until they were golden brown. In Singapore, many versions of the humble Curry Puff have evolved. The Malay,"Epok-epok" is smaller and usually filled with curried potatos or canned sardines. The Chinese version is larger, also contains curried potatos with chicken curry, some versions, includes half a boiled egg. After more than 50 years, the humble savory snacks of Singapore offers a wide variety of flavors to go with your tea. Now, they have yam, sardine, durian, chilli crab and black pepper chicken puff.


Developments of the original curry puff characters created in polymer clay, Potato Chicken puff, Durian puff, Sardine puff and Chili Crab potato puff.


Earlier versions of polymer clay Yam Puff and Black Pepper chicken potato Puff.


Modified version of curry puff animactors using Sculpey SuperFlex Polymer clay, fine wires and tiny magnets, for animation study, in relation to scale and movement.


Potato Chicken puff was converted to Black Pepper Chicken puff by adding a black pepper shaker.


Different scale curry puffs.


Final version and design of the curry puff animactors created with Sculpey SuperFlex polymer clay. Some of the animactors are embedded with fine wire armatures, conceal with miniature magnets holding different parts for clay action.


Completed Black Pepper Chicken Potato Curry Puff with flexible chicken feet and moving head and detachable black pepper shaker. "Click above to see test action"


Chili Crab bendable claws, legs with magnetic eyeballs and mouth. "Click above to see test action"


Durian flavor curry puff rotating eyeballs and moving feet


Potato Chicken flavor, flexible chicken legs, moving head shift from side to side, rotating head and eyeballs. "Click above to see test action"


Sliced Yam with changeable magnetic eyes and mouth, moving legs.


Sardine flavor puff, flexible pectoral, anal, and caudal flns, complete with rotating eyballs. "Click above to see test action"


1A Curry Puffs with rotating eyeballs ready for the paper bag "Click above to see test action"

1A Curry Puff TV Commercial Animation 1

1A Curry Puff TV Commercial Animation 2


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