Our world is slowly dying of sickness from within. Acrylic panel, Polymer clay & Acrylic. Size: 6.5x8.0 inches 1991 November Note: Art about humanity is one of my favorites. In the pursuit of art about humanity, I realized that our world is changing from bad to worse back in the eighties. Any changes will affect our environment and in return will also affect all of us. Therefore, we must all work together to safe guard our HOME. The above art piece was created in Nov. 1991, I had foresight that in the near future, there will be a gradual introduction of new diseases, as our earth is facing an ecological change.The ecological changes are brought about by mankind. Looking back, I did not expected that my Phenomenon Art will be a reality. Now in April of 2003, I am experiencing the SARS situation that is spreading and stressing humanity around the world. Much faster than what I had anticipated. Back

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