Virtus Corporation Split

The Defunct Pirate Corporation Split On November 1999 To Avoid Copyright Liabilities (Read on for more reasons) Retaining The Same Address And Information They Set Up Two New Companies 114 MacKenan Drive, Suite 100 Cary, NC 27511 Phone: (919)467-9700 Fax: (919)460-4530 Web: These Are The People Who Worked In The Defunct Pirate Virtus Corporation The Main Guys Are Still In The New Corporation Tom Keesling Vice President Virtus   Professional Services Mike Lemmons Vice President, Human Resources Richard J. Boyd Vice President Virtus product Sales Mark Baric: President and CEO Chuck Riegel Executive Vice President Jim Hayne Financial Controller Who Were The Pirate Corporation? The Defunct Pirate Corporation Were A Solid Foundation With Solid Foundation And Projections, But Can't Even Pay For My Fees Of USD $17,000. They avoided my attempt to settle the copyright issue and dragging it for a long time, before they try to offer me free softwares for the dues, then wanted me to accept $1000/- to buy over the right to my works, that is how low down about the Corporation. They Makes Millions, With Three Of Their Software Including My Files And Libraries In It, Copied Without My Permission. Important Note: They confirmed your appointment as a member of the software review counsel, promising good rewards but were not fulfill. Why Do They Split With Such Good Business Projections And Good Solid Foundations ? Why Don't They Just Form Another Company For Whatever The Business Connections. Here are reasons for their splitting: 1. To avoid liabilities with their infringements. 2. Exposing their crime in the international internet arenas creates constant embarrassment for them 3. Putting their money in different baskets to avoid future complications and continue the piracy behind solid backing. 4. They were threaten with big lawsuit for their bad behavior last year. 5. Their competitors and developers are aware of their behavior with low down integrity and no morality. 6. They have been investigated by the FBI. 7. They are just American Software Pirate, creating more to execute their crime. 8. By exposing their crimes, they just simply switch to other businesses, games, properties,entertainments etc Important Note: Whatever the pirate are doing, it is nothing more than A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. I will continue in my pursuit against Virtus Corporation and the people behind the company for robbing my files and libraries. They cannot get away for breaking the copyright law. INFORMATION ON THE OTHER TWO COMPANIES Page 2 Back | Home | Email