Garie's Tom Thumb World


 WEEKENDeast, Friday September 26 1986

Garie's Tom Thumb World

The smaller, the better for this designer


THE tiniest models are smaller thail a five-cent coin. The biggest so far is a 100-mm one-eyed pirate with a plastic glint in his eye.
Interior designer Mr Garie Sim, 34, has made about 200 clay models of all sorts - Gremlins, Smurfs, and oddities such as a ghoulish green hand with blood vessels and cartilage.
Said Garie: "I think they make great gifts. For example, I have a model of Santa in the nude which I plan to give someone for Christmas."
For a person who runs his own interior design consultant firm, he thinks small.
"The smaller, the better," he says. "For bigger pieces, it's no great effort. It's the tiny pieces, where you have to pay special attention to the most minute.detail, such as where to position what. When you magnify the object,it has to show it has everything. "'
That means not missing the slightest detail -- not even an infinitesimal dew droplet on a leaf.
He says: "I have even created a tiny environment for some ants to live in my aquarium. I gave them sugar so that they stayed for weeks, and I put in seaweeds to give them oxygen.
"To make these models, all that is needed are some clay tools, blades, and wires, and a lot of imagination."

Picture Caption1: A BEAR measuring only 4mm.

Picture Caption2: IT'S A SMALL WORLD..Garie's lost in his miniature world



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