Aqua Polymer Clay Toys

Many a time we spent  hours or days creating projects with polymer clay and was really disappointed to find
that cracks appears on your baked clay project. There are many factors to the above problem, but mostly, the 
cause is moistures that trapped in the clay, during the process of baking it turns into steam and expands outward.
Example below, I've created the situation with my previous project created in November 2006. I left the 
Aqua Hammer Head Sharks for 2 days in the water, immediately there after, it was baked in the oven at 
140ºC for more than an hour.

Aqua Sharks In Water November 2006.

Floating Aqua sharks is created with polymer clay over cork armatures.

Soaking the above for 2 days and then baked at 140ºC for an hour,
created cracks on my project.

After cooling, the next day I applied Fimo Decor Gel on the cracks and 
surrounding areas, rubbed and spread the gel into the cracks.

Using similar clay that is softened with Decor Gel to cover the damaged
areas and attached any detached part to the body, through rubbing 
and smoothening process, shape the clay accordingly.

After shaping and smoothening all the clayed areas, the repair is 
completed. Note: For the purpose of showing the repaired areas,
silver Premo was used for the demo.

Baking the repaired shark in the oven for an hour at 140ºC

After baking the repaired shark is as good as when it was first created.

Testing it in the water its back to original.

Dated: 04/08/08

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