Using Water Absorbing Crystal Gel To Create Polymer Clay Base For Baking, For Making Hollow Bead And Water Diorama Some Call It Gel Crystal Bolls, Baby Gel Crystals, Water Babies, Crystal Beads, Crystal Soils Water Absorbing Crystal Gel Pellets in small plastic bags, great for plants also great for using it as a polymer clay base. Its an alternative to using cornstarch as baking clay base. Baking polymer clay on the gel is clean and no mess, you can reuse the gel after baking. Putting them in the water, will expands to 4 -10 times the size, depending on the types of gel pellets. Example: the image shows the various types of expanded crystal gels Putting them in any heat resistant container, will create a gel base for baking any polymer beads or others *Note: Do not use Plastic containers, it will melt in the oven at that temperature. Containers should be PVC, Microwavable, Tupperware, porcelain, glass and any heat resistant ware Example of making a hollow bead, wrapping polymer cane onto the crystal gel bead Wrapping polymer clay over the gel Placed the cane bead onto the gel base as above Baked the projects in the oven for 45 minutes, within a temperature of 150º C (300º F) Close up veiw of the baking process After baking for 45 minutes in the oven, within a temperature of 150º C (300º F) Another Example: After baking for 45 minutes in the oven, within a temperature of 150º C (300º F) Baked examples Cut bead shows the inside of the cane with the crystal gel bead Hot crystal gel bead created the mist on the camera lens Second take, this is how it looks More Examples: Cutting the gel filled polymer clay bead The strong crystal gel bead is still retaining the shape without breaking Comparing Shrunk beads in the polymer clay beads Other examples and tests For Those Who Does Not Understand How To Create The Hollow Clay Bead, Here's The Method, If you provide holes on the clay bead, the gel will shrunk to its original size after leaving it for weeks. There will be water evaporation through the holes and the pellet can be removed fthrough the hole or leaving the small pellet inside the clay bead. Getting the gel out of the bead is not a problem, provide two holes, one on each side of the bead, before or after baking, destroyed the gel into fine pieces using a skewer. Blow out the fine gel pieces through one side of the hole, just like blowing the egg white and the yoke out of the egg through the hole on one side and out through the other. The other alternative just leave it to shrink. Updated on 20/01/10 Shrinkage Rates Of The Gel Bead Crystal Gel Beads documented on 19/ 01/10 Crystal Gel Beads documented on 29/ 01/10 Crystal Gel Beads documented on 01 02/10 Using Ice Crystal Gel For Clay Base Ice Crystal Gel Filled the gel in a heat resistant container Placed the project on the Gel Baking It for 45 minutes, within a temperature of 150º C (300º F) After baking removed the project from the base, notice that the back is very clean Completed project Gel ready to be reuse for the flower vase Other example, bigger lemon shape bead More example of Gel Base application Using Crystal Gel To Create Water/Sea Selected water absorbed color beads Smashed the beads with a pallet knife Refine the gel to smaller pieces Creating A sail boat with tissue soaked with Deko Gel Testing the sail boat on Crystal Gel Sea Example of application a "Tropical Island Diorama"



Dated 19/01/2010

Updated On 23/02/10


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