Floating Polymer Clay Test: Covering Water Filled Frozen 
Balloon, Cork, Aluminium Foil And Ultralight Clay Armatures 
With Polymer Clay

Covering the clay over the frozen balloon.

Wrapped polymer clay over water filled frozen balloon

Wrapping aluminium foil with Ultralight polymer clay

Wrapped UltraLight polymer clay over eggl shape aluminium foil armature

Baking both PC covered and UltraLight  covered armatures. Baking time 
45 minutes at 130ºC.

Collapse baked polymer shape balloon filled armature after baking.

 Ultralight covered aluminium armature, floats even better on water, after baking

Premo silver polymer clay covering over aluminum foils and wine cork

Preparation to cover The baked Ultralight clay ball 

You can apply liquid polymer clay on the Ultralight ball before covering

Test sample ultralight ball wrapped with Premo clay

Test shows the bake ball floating in water

You can used all types of polymer clay to cover aluminium armature

With regular polymer clay over aluminium armature and it will still floats


I have conducted quite a number of experiments to float polymer clay on water,
the best material to use are soft aluminum foils and Ultralight armatures. Covering 
the aluminium armatures with Sculpey UltraLight Polymer clay will floats better.

5th November 2006


10th August 2008


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