Covering polymer clay over glass bottle is not a problem but covering PC onto the PVC or 
Vinyl containers presents a big problem when baking in the convection oven. The bottle or 
container will melt at 130º C for 15 minutes and the PC covering it will be distorted and 
There are so many PVC or Vinyl container, bottle of all sizes that you can combine with 
polymer clay to create bottle design, you don't need to use glass bottle all the time.
I have created a technique that will not melt the plastic container or vinyl bottle even when
you bake them for more than 45 minutes at a temperature of 130ºC or 275ºF. The secret is
WATER ......................... now look at my experiment.


For my first experiment, I've used plastic pill containers but, if the 
polymer clay is not properly cure or half bake, the Plasticizer in the clay 
will melt the container after a few days. Example, you can test the effects, 
by putting unbaked PC on a clear plastic container, within a few hours, the 
clay will damage the clear plastic surface, unbaked PC will also damage 
lacquer table top, etc. There are two plastic containers as shown, one of 
them is filled with water right to the rim of the container.

I put both containers into the oven and set the temperature to 130º C,
baking it for 15 minutes, shows one of the container is melted and 
expands a little. The other that contain water is not affected, although 
the water is very hot and bubbles.

Comparison of the containers after baking and cool.

Vinyl medicine bottle are use for my second experiment and on the 
right is filled with water, place them on a ceramic tile and not metal surface. 
Put it into the oven and set the temperature to 130º C.

After about 15 minutes in the oven the bottle on the left melted and
 collapsed, the bottle that fill with water is still standing and the shape is 
not distorted.

Comparison and close examination of the bottles shows that the
right bottle is not melted as compare to the left bottle.


Example of idea created with vinyl medicine bottle, title,
" We must support our deteriorating earth by been responsible
to our environment."

Last test is my favorite film container, there are good quality containers.
I have removed both covers and filled the right with water to the rim
And sent it into the oven to bake at 130º C temperature.

While baking after 15 minutes, I check the oven and found both still in 
shape, non of them melted. Going beyond 30 minutes, I discover that
the left container melted and expanded at the base. The right container
is unaffected by the prolong baking of 35 minutes.

Comparison of the two shows the damage to the left film container that is
 not fill with water.


Example of creative idea using container combine with polymer clay to 
create an old fashion cannon, that can fire the container cap cover to more 
than 20 feet.

 Baking film container wrapped with polymer clay in the convection oven. 
The container is filled with water baking at the temperature of 130º C 

Side view of the cannon design on carriage with working wheels.

Front view ready to fire with the cap capped.

Back view shows the the tube with the vent and base ring.


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