Adding Oil Paint To Polymer Clay, Can Create Your Own Colored Translucent Clay And Colored Clay

 There are many paint medium for the arts, choosing the right medium to mix with polymer clay is very important, as it might mean, clay mooning, cracking of the clay or sticky clay.

Many clay artist, crafter and others choose different paint medium to mix with polymer clay, such as powder pigment, add with water or oil, acrylic paint, ink base paint, and oil paint

If you are using Air Dry Clay the acrylic paint (water-based or water-borne) is suitable for mixing with the clay, even ink-based paint is OK!

As for Polymer Clay, any fine quality oil based paint is fine to mix together, just like singing with harmony. I have been mixing oil paint and polymer clay for many years and non of my old clay project cracked. Cracking can also be cause by mixing water based paint into the polymer clay, baking the clay at 130 degree C, will cause the moisture to evaporate and this caused fine cracks on the clay, eventually, it will lead to bigger crack. Oil paint added into any polymer clay will not affect the clay in anyway.

Mixing oil paint can create your own unique colors by even blending with the standard colors, expanding more vibrant colors, to widen the kaleidoscope of polymer clay.

Basic method of adding oil paint to polymer clay is easy, this will help many to have fun creating more polymer clay colors and transluncent clays

My preference baking temperature for the new Sculpey III and Premo Polymer clay is 150 degree C, baking for 30 minutes, in fact, higher temperature will makes the clay stronger, not to go beyong my preference is safe.
Test on Sculpey III Mix With Oil Paints Test on Premo clay mix with oil paints Dated 16th March 2013


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