Actual Scale And Materials


The Astronaut is my currently attempt to create a full scale miniature figure, create entirely out of polymer clay. It stands about 11cm height on a polymer base Martian crater size approximately 20cm x 20cm. The center of the crater is pasted with transparent PVC sheet glue with epoxy cement. The effects are created with translucent acrylic paint, mainly green and blue colors, spray below the crater with an Airbrush. The snow textures are created with plaster of paris. To cure the plaster, I spray a fine mist of diluted water base matt acrylic varnish over the base. Do not spray directly at the base, otherwise the plaster will be blown away by the airbrush. When dry the surfaces are all harden as above. Fixing the Astronaut onto the base require to drill a fine hole on the right leg shoe base. Depending on your choice of position for the figure, drill another hole to correspond with the shoe base below the crater. Bend a piece still wire shape it into a " T " and poke it through the base. Fixed the Astronaut right leg into the wire, secured it with epoxy glue. You should not apply any glue on the left leg of the Astronaut, so that it will appears as if he is carefully taking his first step into the cater.


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