Roggy the pet with his circuit board home

As we progress with technology in computing, the technology created are still unreliable. Maybe the developers are more concerned with dollars and cents in the rat race of producing technologies, without caring for the consumers who support them. In employing the use of technology, I had on many occassion encounter with my computer crashing and replacing many hardisks to my computers. I had lost countless of valuable data and design files even though I had a backup. I was very frustrated with the situation and my advice to all, backup at least two or more backup files, repetition of files in other storages are perfectly fine do not delete them. Angry and curious to know what was going on inside the hardisks, I took them apart and was not impressed with its fragile compositions. Looking at it esthetically, I was fortunate to be able to use the circuit board for creating my arts. Hence-forth Roggy was born with camera circuit component, film container cap, straw, globes, springs, magnets and polymer clay. I was happy to feed him with tiny transistors.



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