MORE RECYCLING PROJECTS SCISSOR Do you know you can create a scissor with ice cream sticks and polymer clay, have fun cutting papers. ROBOWARRIOR Create an army of ROBOWARRIOR and create out of film spools, toy globes, straws and others. You can create many different types of Robowarrior. Play with your friends and plan a war game. RECYCOPTER The above is call RECYCOPTER you can create the pilot in the globe with polymer clay. Rotating the rotor is by turning the gear on top of the copter and have many hours of fun. Possibilities in modifying the Recycopter with light, motor and battery. Add straw rockets create in many other colors and play with friends. RECYCLIEN Recycling from ice cream sticks, straws, instant camera gears and others, there are no limitation to your imagination. The above is call RECYCLIEN and part puppet as the straw are attached with eyes moving or rotating the landing gears will articulates the eyes in the toy globe. BOMBERECYCLE A dive bomber that is able to drop its bomb as you rotate the propeller,. The propeller can be modified to receive the direction of the wind and rotate on its own, just like the real plane. There are few options in rotating the propeller, by motor and by rubber bands STUDENT Kid's learning to recyclie and create works from visually interesting objects into toys and gifts. I am very proud of my young students now able to create and assemble their projects



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