"MOONING"SPOTS ON SUPER SCULPEY The spots are resin spots or "mooning" which is common with Super Sculpey. The "mooning" spots are not a defect but how Super Sculpey functions. This is a common issue with doll makers. There are two options to eliminate "mooning" spots Option A: The spots will disappear if you add a little Premo white (our part number PE02 5001) and mix it in well with the Super Sculpey. Option B: Last year Sculpey company introduced a new item called Super Sculpey Living Doll ( part number ZSLD1). It is a base ingredients of Super Sculpey with a different type of plasticizer to eliminate the "mooning" spots. It is only available in one pound (454g) bars in cases of 24 bars per case. It is a special order item and may take a little longer to fill your orders. Because this is a new item at the moment there is no promotion of the product . Dated on 28/8/03 by Polyform Products Co.

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