USING MICROWAVE OVEN TO CURE LIQUID POLYMER CLAY I was just curious about the effect of microwaving the liquid clay and selected all the 3 well known brand, Sculpey Liquid (Translucent Liquid Sculpey), Fimo Liquid (Fimo Decorating Gel) And Kato Liquid (Liquid Polyclay) for the test. This is only a 3 minutes test that I need to know. The uncured liquid clays for the test in a microwavable container The microwavable container is fill with water submerging Sculpey, Fimo and Kato Liquids Microwaving the liquid in a microwavable container for 3 minutes Hot steams from the container after microwaving the liquids Cured polymer clay liquids Sculpey liquid retained its structure Sculpey Liquid is flexible Fimo Liquid also retained its structure Fimo is also flexible after microwave Kato Liquid in the microwave oven for 3 min. is a complete mess after removing from the microwavable container. Created on Nov. 2011

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