Robots are always a fascination among us, kids are no exception. Using things around us to recycle into a Robot, creates a challenging situation. Firstly the resources must be easily available for any kid to make them. I had decided on the following items, black bendable straws, film container, used, instant camera components, metal wires, pvc base, springs, toy globe, magnets, string and polymer clay. The flasher circuit board are the most interesting element, the component create a realistic looking robot head and body. Cutting a access panel into the robot body, exposing the circuit board, adds realism into the model. Putting them together require polymer clay, creating hands, feet and the body joints. On completion you will be able to bend the hands and legs, the magnets between the head and body, will serve to articulate the head in a rotating manner. Adding spring on the neck makes the robot looks flexible and strong.


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