USING A HEAT GUN TO CURE ALL TYPES OF LIQUID CLAY In testing all the polymer clay products, it is interesting, that others are saying that, you must use a Heat Gun to zap the Kato liquid clay and that it is clearer than baking in the convection oven. I decided to test the method, setting the Heat Gun at the temperature of 150º C for test 1and for test 2 the temperature was set at 170º C, both were heated for 20 minutes. There were 3 types of liquid clay used for my tests, Sculpey Liquid, Kato Liquid And Fimo Liquid, for my previous test of all the same clay iquids in the convection oven. The result for Fimo Liquid was the clearest. I'm just curous that Kato Liquid can fair better than Fimo Liquid using a Heat Gun. Test 1 Temperature setting 150 º C for Test 1 Thinning the 3 liquids on the clear glass, blowing the Heat Gun above 4 to 5 inches for 20 minutes The first test shows the results between Sculpey and Kato, Fimo is the clearest next is Kato. The light test shows similar transluencent effect for Kato and Sculpey, the clearest medium is Fimo. Test 2 Set temperature on the Heat Gun for test 2 Blowing the Heat Gun above the liquids about 4 to 5 inches for 20 minutes The cured liquid on clear glass panel Putting the cured liquids on the page of the magazine, it shows that Fimo Liquid is clearer as you can read the text, next is Kato liquid. Putting the Test against the light shows the differences between each type of liquid. Conclusion The test result shows that the Fimo Liquid is the clearest amoung the others. In general, if the manufacturer produced an art medium, it must be ease of use, user friendly to the consumer without adding options. In the case of the Kato liquid clay, the option is the Heat Gun and this option will add more cost beside buying the liquid clay by the consumer, just to achive a clearer result, it just doesn't make economic sense. Created in Sept. 2007 updated on Nov. 2011

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