USING A HEAT GUN TO CURE POLYMER CLAY There are many ways that you can cure the polymer clay, using a heat gun is another method. Curing polymer clay with this method will depend on the size of the clay project. Always remember to use armatures for the inside of the clay figurine or clay project, never bake solid clay from the size of 1.5 inches diameter or square onwards, will cause inconsistancy in curing, the effect will be a complete curing outside to incomplete curing to the inside of the clay core. The incomple curing will cause cracking due to environmental changes. Of cause you can bake solid clay, only in the convection oven, but its the wrong technique and not economical of using the polymer clay. Below temperature setting with the heat gun will not cause any of your project to burnt or damage, always keep a distance, to much strong hot air blowing at you tiny miniature, will be blown away, you can secured your small project with water base glue or 3m double sided tape. My best recommendation for buying a Heat Gun, to have a temperature control and speed settings. To also prevent your small miniature from blown away, low the speed and adjust the right temperature for curing. Last but not least, hope you enjoyed my method of curing. Goodluck! Setting temperature For Heat Gun at 120º C, this is a safe temperature Curing distant between the nozzel and clay is about 5 inches for 15 minutes on each side Flip the other side for another 15 minutes General curing around the clay work Set temperature to the above You can create a 3 sided ceramic enclosure as above and cure the clay for 15minutes to 30 minutes depending the size Created in Sept. 2007 updated on Nov. 2011

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