PROJECT DEMOSTRATION YUE WEY Yue Wey creates polymer clay shark and dolphin. String them with fine nylon fishing strings.


You must provide holes in the polymer clay rocks so that you can fit the corals and seaweeds before baking them in the oven.


Yue Wey is positioning the seaweeds upright, then apply superglue.


Fitting the coral into the rocks and glue it with superglue.


Yue Wey positioning the seaweeds and coral into the base of the picture box, using superglue to set them in position.


Testing the position of the dolphin in relation to the coral and seaweed setting.


Yue Wey poke two holes onto the picture box cover to position the shark and dolphin, make sure both fishes rotates freely.


Yue Wey playing the picture box aquarium for the camera by maniplating the nylon string





Interactive Magnetic Picture Box Aquarium


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