Featured In PolymerCAFE Magazine Winter 2003 Hi Garie, I hope you're doing well. We wanted to include your work in our gallery for the next issue. You sent me your link to two works that we would like to have in higher resolution if that is possible. They were "The Color of Life" view 1 and "Melting into Extinction" if you could, please send them larger so they will be suitable for print. If you need more information let me know. You can send them via e-mail, in one or separate e-mails. For proper printing, they'll need to be high resolution- at 300dpi, they should be 4x5" approximately, if at 72 dpi, they can be as large as 16x20" approximately. I hope this helps, I've been thinking of using these two images ever since you first sent them, but just didn't have time to ask you. Thank you for your help in this, and if you could get it to us by Friday, that would be wonderful. Thanks again! Joan C. PolymerCAFE Magazine 29/09/03

Congratulations on your new location Garie!
These pictures are great, look for them in our next issue's gallery!

Joan Clipp
Editor, PolymerCAFE Magazine
e-mail: polymercafe@comcast.net
website: www.polymercafe.com


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Happy Holidays, Garie!!

Hey, I saw pics of your work in the latest PolymerCafe magazine!!   Wow!!

Congratulations!!!     :)

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