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Diving Bacon !

August 13, 2008 | Leave a Comment
 No, really! It's diving bacon (albeit undercooked)! It even has a working air tank. This little piggy was created by Singapore's artist and designer, Garie Sims. Sims is a "Designer of all Trades". Besides modeling and sculptural arts, his background includes Architectural and Interior design, display arts, and cartooning which are among a very wide array of interests. After more than twenty years of playing with all kind of clays, Garie settled down creating all his miniatures in polymer clay.
 His love of polymer clay isn't limited to miniatures, he loves to teach also. Garie set up the Play Clay School, teaching young kids in Singapore to develop their fine motor skills, mprove hand and eye coordination and hopes to cultivate and develop, young creative talents in the the local community. His hopes of creating more talents is that it will bring about changes in perception and appreciation of local artists in the Singapore community.
Stop by his site today for some great inspiration and a few smiles. You'll be glad you did Technorati Tags: polymer clay, miniatures, Garie Sims, sculpture Share This Wendy White is your CraftGossip Polymer Clay Editor. Read more about her at meet your editors page.

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