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Hi Garie,

Your Online Interview is now live at the PCC Website.



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Hi Garie, Yes, Mr. Webman is up to his elbows in cyberbytes! We have to move our entire web site to our personal domain because we are afraid that Delphi is going to torch our web sites one of these days!!! But I'm going to forward you letter to him and I'm sure you'll hear from him!!! The shows sound so exciting, do you think there is any way at all I coud get a copy of them! I would love to see them, anyway possible!!!! I'm also building a new section of our site and I would love for you to give me a sysnopsis of what you are doing with the children so that I can give you a page in this new ClayCyclopedia, and link to your pages so more people can see what youa re doing!!!! I'll get back to you about that possibility as soon as we get finished with this crazy move!!!! Thanks a bunch and let me know if I can buy those shows on tape or something? SincereLEIGH At 02:02 AM 2/7/2001 +0800, you wrote: Hi! Leigh, How are you!, I am still waiting for Steven, to reply directing me to the address , to sent my creations and informations regarding our previous emails. The tech man must be busy like me, I had just increased the student intake after the school holidays. Enclosed are one of my latest works and also my students creative miniatures, by 9 & 10 year old students, on the world smallest Dino and Unicorn. I had upload quite a numbers of pages and amoung them are my latest, Chinese new year item "Snakes in Lion Costume"welcoming the year of the golden snakes. We had just finished airing the 13 episodes of polymer clay creations for thekids. I hope to hear from you soon! Enclosing the Gif image files Thanks, Best regards to both of you, Garie Sim Hi Garie, We were wondering what happened to you!!!! I'm glad to see you again and thrilled to hear about your success!!! Can you send me even more of the information about what you are doing so we can put it in the Article!!! I've added Stephen to this message so he can give you instructions again on what we need to do! Garie, is there any way we can get to see the show??? It would be so wonderful and especially for Poly's Clay Castle, the pages we have forchildren!!! I'm thrilled to see you again,a nd can't wait to see more of your work! I"m so glad you got in touch with us again!!!! SincereLEIGH At 01:19 AM 12/22/2000 +0800, you wrote: Hi! Steven, Months ago I had a computer crashed, all my data and email information are all gone. So I am now having sometime before the holiday, to write to you about the situation. Earlier, I was told to forward my profile including my photos, my sample works to a certain address,for the feature as a clay artist in the forum pages. I hope you will redirect me to a mailing address in which I can sent you my infotmation. My sincere apology for the delays as I had just completed the holiday program teaching our local kids in the creative ways of using polymer clay. I also been engaged by our local TV station to do a 13 episodes of my clay creations in relation to resourceful recycling, into arts, toys, and gifts for kids. Currently it is showing on every Sunday Kid's Klik show. Here is my message for the holidays to every one in! Best Regards, Garie Sim





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